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Did you know that a burglar can generally enter your house in no time? A somewhat handy and experienced burglar does not need more than 15 seconds to join. That is, of course, very fast, and the chances are that neighbors will not even notice. That is why it is essential to protect your home in the right way with a wireless home security system.

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wireless home security system:

In any case, some people do not want numerous cables running through their homes or buildings. That is, of course, your right. In that case, you can also choose for your convenience and go for a wireless home security system. You will not be bothered by cables at all. Moreover, it is straightforward to lay and install. The various parts of the alarm system are connected using a WiFi connection.

It also makes it easy to expand the system at any time. While the wireless alarm situations were not very reliable in the beginning, this has improved considerably today. They have become almost as good and faithful as the wired variants. Indeed, in the event of power cuts, things used to go wrong quite often because the alarm system can fail as a result. Today, however, that is no longer the case because the wireless alarm situations are no longer connected to the power network but operate on batteries. These must, of course, be replaced regularly, but you will automatically receive a notification when it is necessary. 

Essential features of a wireless home security system

Doesn’t it seem like a thing to you that cables are running through your house to connect the alarm system’s different parts? Then you can, of course, always opt for a wireless alarm system. It is much simpler than a wired alarm system and also easier to install. It is so simple that you can do it all yourself, although it is, of course, even possible to have it done by a specialist. Then you know for sure that you get everything you put in the alarm system. Also, a specialist has the experience and can give tips regarding your home’s security against burglars. Wireless home security systems are nowadays very reliable and interconnected using WiFi. It makes it easy to expand on it.


Incidentally, most wireless home security systems no longer work on electricity but batteries. That may seem unimportant, but it certainly is not. As a result, a power failure no longer affects the operation of the alarm system. Burglars can no longer sabotage the alarm system by deliberately interrupting the power supply. When the batteries are almost empty, you will automatically receive a notification, and you can then replace the batteries yourself. It is advisable to immediately return the batteries with that report because you may forget it afterward. And of course, it would be a shame if the alarm system did not work for quite some time as a result. Also, always make sure you have enough spare batteries at home,

The advantages

The most significant advantage of a wireless alarm system is, of course, that you are not bothered by cables that run throughout the house. It ensures that the design fits into your interior without any problems and that you do not have to hide it. Furthermore, as mentioned, it is safer because one cannot interrupt the power. Finally, a wireless alarm system has the advantage that it is very flexible and easy to expand. For example, if you are going to move, you can easily take this alarm system.

A primary or extensive wireless alarm system

When you decide to purchase a wireless alarm system, you are not done with your choices. You will then also have to choose from a basic variant or an extended variant. The first variant contains some essential parts that you can use to secure the house. In addition to a central control panel, the basic version also has contact sensors that you can attach to various windows and doors in your home. Furthermore, a siren is included, and you can use remote control. All these parts are also included in the extended version. However, there are many more things to be found in it. How about smoke detectors and more contact sensors, for example? Motion sensors have also been added that work with infrared and vibration sensors.

Cost of a wireless alarm system

In our modern times, technology is increasingly innovative, which means that alarm systems are also getting better. Among other things, this has ensured that the wireless variants are a lot more reliable than before. Incidentally, many functions or properties are by no means available with every system. Consider, for example, remote control of the system using a computer or remote control. Very handy, of course, when you are on vacation. It, of course, influences the price of the alarm system. Two different wireless home security systems can be distinguished, each of which has another (average) price. First of all, there is a wireless basic alarm system that costs about 750 euros on average. The extended variant costs almost 1200 euros. The reason that you pay more for the extended version is straightforward. This version contains many more components that allow you to secure your home better. Of course, you can inform yourself extensively about the differences between these two.

Save a lot of money!

Do you now know enough about wireless alarm systems? Does it seem like the perfect way to secure your home, and are you seriously considering purchasing such an alarm system? Fortunately, you can save a lot of money by being smart. In all cases, it is best to use the expertise of a specialist. He or she can help you correctly because he or she knows well how burglars think and can provide you with targeted advice based on that. Incidentally, it is always wise to call in different specialists and ask for a quote. The prices can vary enormously. Sometimes that can save hundreds of euros, and you don’t want to miss that advantage. By the way, do not lose sight of the quality of the alarm system!

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