Fabric Protection and Carpet Care


fabric protection is something that we all take as a given. We all take fabric protection for granted. Some people protect our homes from bugs, water, and other common problems with a simple stain guard spray and carpet cleaner. Others may have more complicated needs for stain protection, especially in high traffic areas. Some people have a need to protect their boats and cars with stain-resistant fabric protection. There is a spray that can protect your home from staining, no matter what the purpose.

There are many types available in fabric protection products. Vinyl protectors in liquid form need to be mixed together with water. These protectors are very effective at preventing liquids from getting on the fabric’s surface. Although they aren’t as effective as the original formulas, the new stain resistant fabric protection sprays have been reformulated. If cost is an issue, they are worth considering if you want to protect your investment. They are quick-acting and can be used on both fabric and wood.

A pre-spray can be applied to prevent drips and stains before they occur. Once spills have begun, the absorbent fabric protection foam immediately goes to work removing the liquid stain. The absorbent material will remain on the affected surfaces as long as there is not any abrasion with furniture, drapes or textiles. Most spills and stains will disappear within a few applications. You will only need to vacuum and clean the spots with a mild shampoo.

While the carpet is protected, the protector will provide a little added help for dirt and soil to stick to the surface of the carpet and fabric protection film. The film has tiny pores that allow only moisture and other non-soluble materials to pass through. Once dirt, dust, and other substances are allowed to remain on the film, the film begins to fall apart and the dirt and other materials are removed.

The carpet and furniture get dirty all day long and professional cleaning services are expensive. Homeowners are often concerned that a professional cleaning service will use too much detergent or chemical and cause damage to the carpet or furniture. These cleaners are very efficient and cause very little damage to fabric protection film. Experts suggest that carpet cleaners should only be used once per month to cause enough damage to render a carpet warranty voidable.

Many people believe that spills can be cleaned off easily. The fabric protection layer will be destroyed if a spillage is allowed to sit on the fiber’s surface. The film will be refilled and the stain will stay for several days without any cleaning. This means that you should take preventative measures to prevent spills from occurring.

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