Liverpool: A company run by the mayor’s son grants £ 250,000 for a highway job


An investigation report in the local authority revealed that Liverpool City Council paid a company run by the mayor of Liverpool’s son with no prior highway experience up to 250,000 pounds for safety work in demolishing an overpass. An investigation into mismanagement found that in 2019, the board gave prime contractor Amy a direct order to appoint a company called Safety Support Consulting (SSC), whose managers include Liverpool’s mayor David Anderson, as advisers on demolishing two old road bridges. On the Churchill Way Bridge in the city. The government-ordered inspection of the council described the move as a violation of regulations and considered setting a date that also puts teams at risk to health and safety. Both Joe and David Anderson denied wrongdoing. The report stated that the company had no previous relationship with the council or its highways team, as the date violated building design management regulations and exposing site teams to “significant health and safety risks.” “It has also increased the commercial risks to which the budget board is exposed throughout the year and additional compensation claims,” ​​she added. She added, “In mid-2019, highway board officials asked Amy, who was still providing a range of professional services via a residual framework contract, to appoint an SSC to provide client-side H&S support. […]
“Amy was given direct instructions for hiring. From the start, there were relationship difficulties on site and issues related to over-sourcing with matching claims. From the evidence provided on file, the quality and content of the outputs provided to the client side does not justify the size of the contract payments.” Announcing the arrangement as only lasting 4 to 6 weeks, the engagement ended after four months with spending an order of £ 250,000 once [council’s central procurement unit] They became aware and indicated the availability of tire contractors who provide the same service at a lower cost. ”David Anderson said in a statement to Liverpool Echo,“ I feel compelled to suspend at this point due to false, slanderous, baseless, biased, tactical and politically motivated accusations. ” Caller after examining the best value in Liverpool City Council. I vehemently refute allegations made regarding expertise, payments, contract and work facilitated by SSC regarding dismantling of Churchill’s flyovers for Amey Plc. ” He said that the information received was “not factually correct,” adding that his company was not invited to comment or respond to the reports’ accusations. “I am seeking legal advice on defamation and will not make any further comments regarding this matter at this stage. He said that the evidence in my legal team refutes the allegations made. This information comes in a report issued where the government announced that it has appointed commissioners to handle aspects of the Council’s operations, including: That renovation, property, highways, and purchases. He made clear that the day-to-day running of council departments would remain as council staff, with the commissioners acting as a “last resort” only if the local authority was ruled that it would not address the issues reported. In a statement, Communities Minister Robert Jenrick said before Parliament. On Wednesday, the inspection report concluded that the local authority had failed to comply with its responsibility to ensure its coup. Offering the best value for money. He added, “There may also be other issues that we were not aware of yet, and the report is careful not to talk about matters that might compromise police investigations A total of 11 people have been arrested, including Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson and David Anderson in connection with an investigation into the awarding of construction contracts in the city. The couple have denied any wrongdoing and have not been charged. What any crimes?

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