Panasonic’s cashback plans continue despite the government’s greenhouse grant


Despite the UK government’s surprising announcement of the early closure of the Green Homes grant at the end of this month, Panasonic Heating & Cooling has confirmed that its Green Homes and Green Install Cashback plans will continue to support Panasonic air source heat pump installations through June 30, 2021. José Alves, Regional Director for Panasonic UK commented, “Panasonic welcomed the UK government’s scheme to assist the sector and to help reach its net-zero targets. Therefore, we have no hesitation in continuing with each of our green cashback schemes to assist both installers. Homeowners are switching to renewable heat pumps, in an effort to help homeowners remove carbon from their homes and increase energy efficiency. As the road to recovery begins, manufacturers, such as Panasonic, are stepping up to meet the challenge of meeting net zero emissions targets by 2050. For example, Panasonic is increasing its offer of sustainable energy solutions as well as increasing the availability of online training for riders. By providing specific and certified training courses to help installers become more efficient and knowledgeable in the correct installation of renewable air-to-water heat pumps. “The scheme was a grant upfront to help with the upstream cost of a heat pump, with the full potential grant available from your local RHI,” added Tony Lathe, a specialist for air-to-water products at Panasonic. The good news is that the local RHI grant is still available to end users through March 31, 2022, and installing a Panasonic Aquarea Heat Pump can provide a grant of over £ 12,200.[1] Over seven years. ” Homeowners will also still be able to claim a cashback of up to £ 600 * on Panasonic Aquarea Heat Pump facilities through the Green Homes cashback scheme, plus the heat pump installer will also still be eligible for a $ 600 cashback £ 800 * upon completion of five installations through green fixation Cashback system until 30 June 2021 (* terms and conditions apply) Panasonic’s Aquaria range of air-to-water heat pump is among the broadest on the market, with systems available to suit All property sizes and capacity requirements A recent UK government announcement states that “the £ 300 million previously earmarked for the state greenhouse grant will now go to a program run by local authorities, targeting low-income families. The new scheme will be delivered through the Local Authority Handover Scheme for the Green Homes Grant and the Bidder of Decarbonization Fund for Social Housing, and this will include green home improvements such as deep insulation, heat pumps and solar panels, helping to remove more than 70,000 tons of carbon from the atmosphere for each Of which are general[2]. “With the Prime Minister’s Ten Point Plan for the Green Revolution, the government still plans to deploy 600,000 heat pumps annually by 2028, and to bring as many homes as possible to the C-range energy performance certification by 2035. For more information on Panasonic’s range of energy efficient heat pump solutions For renewable energy and green cashback plans, please visit the Panasonic website here.
[1] * Rated heating 20000kWh stated on EPC, WH-MXC09H3E5 Panasonic Heat Pump MCS SCoP 4.99 @ 350C, tariff rate 10.92p / kWh.


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