What Are Insulation Boards On A Roof For


The roof of the average home is well insulated. This way, the heat stays inside better on cold days, which saves you energy costs. We can use different materials to insulate roofs. Insulation blankets are often used for pitched roofs. However, not every roof is insulated with these blankets. No, because insulation boards are also used. For example, a flat roof is regularly insulated with the help of these plates. Here we tell you everything you need to know about insulation boards on a roof.

Types of insulation boards for a roof:

Do you want to insulate your roof with plates? Then you have to choose the right material. Today we know different types of insulation boards. We list the best-known species below.

●    PIR plates:

These insulation plates are frequently used for insulating flat roofs. PIR plates have good thermal properties, which means they insulate well.

●    PUR plates:

Do you want to insulate efficiently? Then choose PUR plates. These insulation boards have a certain thickness, so that the heat retains better.

●    XPS panels:

You choose XPS panels for insulating an overlay roof or a sarking roof. Why? Because these plates are pressure resistant. In addition, they insulate well. In addition, XPS plates are easy to process.

●    EPS plates:

EPS plates are frequently used to insulate roofs. They have a good insulation value and are also lightweight.

Why insulation boards on your roof?

Pitched roofs are always insulated on the inside. Insulation on the inside is also preferred on flat days. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to insulate a flat roof on the inside, for example because the entire ceiling has to be removed. In that case, you apply insulation plates to your roof. These plates are placed on the roof covering. To keep the plates in place, the plates are often provided with a layer of gravel. You can also opt for insulation boards on your roof to insulate the roof extra well.

How does the installation work?

How insulation boards are placed depends on the way of insulation. Do you opt for insulation boards on your roof? Then you put the plates on your roof covering. In that case, always first make sure that your roof is clean and dry. Always lay the plates tightly together, so that warm air cannot easily pass through. Are the plates lying? Then throw a layer of gravel on it. This will prevent the plates from blowing away on windy days.

Do it yourself or hire a professional

Roof insulation must be properly applied. Are you not doing this? Then heat will still easily escape through your roof. As a result, your energy bill will not or hardly drop. Have you not applied insulation plates to your roof yourself before? Do not get started with this yourself, but leave this to a professional.

Have insulation boards installed on your roof by a roofer

Do you want to insulate your flat roof (better)? This can be done with the help of insulation plates. Call in a roofing repair in brampton to install these plates . Such a professional has already applied insulation plates to a roof several times, so that he knows what this involves. Calling in a roofer may cost you money, but you are assured of a well-insulated roof.

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